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"It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us. - Jackie Mutcheson"

South County
Community Food Bank


Our Story - How It All Began

The South County Community Food Bank was started in 1981 by a local Seaside grocery store owner, who began giving hungry people food out of the back of his store. From one man’s vision of serving the hungry, the South County Community Food Bank (SCCFB) has grown into a well-established social service provider for local low income residents.

The SCCFB became incorporated as its own 501(c)(3) in 1986, and moved into its own space, a small 750 square foot building on property owned by the Moose Club. The Moose Club generously provided the space on a $1 per year lease. We would reside at the location for the next 28 years.

As the years past, the building started to have problems. As early as 1990 there were discussions about moving. In January 2013, with a new business plan developed, after several months it was decided a capital campaign within our service area would be a more advantageous approach.

In December 2013, the Moose Club came under new ownership. In January of this year we were asked to leave. The new owner allowed us to stay until March of this year when we made our move to our temporary location.

Community Support

From January to March of this year, we searched for a future home. The first breakthrough occurred when Seaside School District offered us two former classrooms for free. These two modular classrooms would eventually be moved to our new location. Shortly after the modular buildings were donated, Bank of the Pacific agreed to sell us a parcel across from Seaside High School. With the two major pieces in place, we searched for a temporary home. Once again, Bank of the Pacific let us move into one of their properties until our new home was ready.

Our Capital Campaign

Our capital campaign started in January of 2014. With a new capital campaign came a new logo and a new slogan. "Imagine a community without hunger." Our goal was to raise $200,000. Through many events, gatherings, and individual donations, and abundant in-kind support we achieved our goal.

Where We Are Now

From its humble, informal beginnings, the SCCFB has grown into one of the largest food distributors in the regional Food Bank network, with 70 volunteers per month, serving 250,000 lbs to over 12,000 individuals annually.

New South County Community Food Bank Building
New South County Food Bank Building Seaside Oregon

New food bank building interior New food bank building interior New food bank building interior New food bank building interior New food bank building interior New food bank building interior

Ribbon Cutting Open House Ice Cream Social Volunteer New food bank building interior New food bank building interior New food bank building interior

Slide show Photos: Kathleen DeLand-Peterson

Previous Location
Old South County community Food Bank

Photo: Neal Wallace